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Video advertising is an expanding area of the advertising world – one that many companies and business are starting to put above all others. Did you know that Youtube is the 2nd largest search engine next to of course, Google. With the amount of screen time people are spending every single day, being unique and creative to capture your audience’s attention is your goal before they jump ship and look at another post, page, or website.

It’s imperative that your video’s quality and production level portray’s not only the products or services that you’re selling but your company’s brand in whole. Being successful in the hunting and outdoor industry is difficult but maintaining your credibility is key. It can take years to build a great business but only moments for someone to think otherwise.

Here at Co-Op Outdoor Productions; we hunt, fish, hike, bike, climb, and camp. We know who your target audience is because we are exactly them. Our video production service is from start to finish. We offer all aspects of the production process, pre and post filming production, photography for catalog and social media, to placing the final commercials in the most effective places online.

Promotional Video Production

We create a scripts, storyboard the shots, coordinate the locations of each shot, film with our 4k cameras, and post produce/edit the with your guidance. We produce promotional videos that range anywhere from 15 seconds to 60 seconds.

Product Reviews

Are you launching new products this year or are you just looking to increase your product and brand awareness? We can take your product, the specs and it’s uses to create engaging, informational, and memorable reviews!

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